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The Urban Village Program is a unique approach to resident engagement that aims to create involved stewardship and a healthy social network in the community. The program employs full-time, focused team members that partner with the on-site management divisions to enhance resident engagement. These teams are dedicated to identifying and channeling specific resources needed by each community. Each property is unique and requires different forms of support, entertainment, opportunity, and skills development. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the resources supplied as the programs and events are often resident-led. This personalized approach to sourcing external support and services gives residents ownership over the initiatives and allows them to evolve as needed.

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Affordable Pricing Policy

2-person max annual income limits: $38,100-$40,720

3-person max annual income limits: $42,850-$51,420

4-person max annual income limits: $47,600-$57,120

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